WARNING: Fake reports of violence at ‘Black Panther’ movie spread on social media

Several media reports are urging social media users to share with caution any images purportedly showing race-based violence at theaters showing the new film “Black Panther.”

According to Oxygen, the images of at least three battered women have been used out of context to inaccurately report violence at the screenings of the latest Marvel superhero movie.

Each of the misappropriated images accompanied a tweet describing an invented cinema attack.

One post reportedly used an image of recently ousted White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s ex-wife, which she used to back up her story that he abused her.

The victim of an attack at a Swedish bar and a woman kidnapped and abused by her boyfriend were also reportedly pictured in other hoaxes describing violence related to the film that opened this week.

At least one of the posts was shared hundreds of times before it was exposed as fraudulent.

A consistent theme among the fake tweets seemed to be the claim that black assailants attacked white moviegoers for choosing to watch the film.

Buzzfeed looked into the history of some accounts spreading the misinformation and found one user whose social media commentary apparently included mocking victims of the Holocaust.

The outlet uncovered a number of other tweets believed to have been posted in an attempt to deceive.

Before sharing any viral image, Buzzfeed urged social media users to perform a reverse image search, which in a Chrome browser can be accomplished by right clicking on any image and selecting the option to ‘Search Google for Image.’

Results from such a search should make it clear where the photo has been shared previously.

[Featured image: Danai Gurira/Associated Press]