Hero teacher slain in Parkland school shooting saved lives just before he was gunned down

A geography teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School lost his life when he opened a classroom door to let students in as a gunman was on a shooting rampage in the Parkland, Florida, high school.

According to the Sun SentinelScott Beigel, 35, is credited with saving the lives of students just before he was gunned down by shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19. Student Kelsey Friend appeared on Good Morning America on Friday and explained that Beigel had opened his classroom door to let terrified students in as the massacre unfolded Wednesday afternoon.

“He unlocked the door and let us in,” Friend said. “I had thought he was behind me, but he wasn’t. When he opened the door, he had to re-lock it so we could stay safe, but he didn’t get the chance to.

“He was in the doorway and the door was still open and the shooter probably didn’t know we were in there because he was lying on the floor. If the shooter had come in the room, I probably wouldn’t be [alive].”

Friend also spoke to CNN about Beigel’s heroism.

“He will forever be my hero,” she said. ““He was an amazing person and I am alive today because of him. He will be missed.”

Beigel was also the cross-country coach at the high school. Team member Chad Williams posted a memorial message about his coach on Twitter, later noting a typo in the post.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, assistant football coach Aaron Feis died while shielding students from the gunman. A total of 17 people were killed in the massacre.