‘My teacher died and he’s sitting in the doorway’: Heartbreaking text messages between brothers shows terror of Parkland high school shooting

A Parkland high school student shared harrowing text messages between him and his younger brother when they were both trapped inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during Wednesday’s shooting massacre.

Sam Zeif, 18, texted his 14-year-old brother Matthew as Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the high school. He shared the messages on Twitter, revealing that Matthew was in the classroom where geography teacher Scott Beigel was shot and killed just after opening the door to let students take cover there. The boys’ mother, Jennifer, told the New York Times that her son was the last person to enter the classroom.

In the text message Sam shared, the brothers reassure each other and Sam insists that Matthew stay put and hide.

Fortunately, both brothers made it out alive, and Sam said on Twitter that the experience made him re-evaluate his relationship with his brother.

Sam’s Twitter account indicates that he lost a close friend in the shooting. His profile message reads, “R.I.P. Joaquin “Guac” Oliver and the 16 others that took bullets for me and my classmates.”


[Feature image: Associated Press/A group of friends affected by the high school shooting outside one of their homes]