Enraged female driver shoots, kills another driver, then brags about it on Facebook: Police

A woman incensed by road rage allegedly murdered a man and then bragged about the killing on Facebook, the Lowell Sun reports.

Police in Massachusetts on Thursday arrested 20-year-old Graciela Paulino (pictured right) in connection with the slaying of 34-year-old Marc Devoe (pictured left). Authorities believe Paulino fatally shot Devoe in the chest after he cut her off.

Devoe was a construction worker and was driving during a lunch break with a colleague when he cut off Paulino, who then began to follow them. Aware that they were being followed, the colleague suggested that they drive past their work site.

Devoe parked the car in a nearby lot and Paulino drove up next to them. The two reportedly began yelling at each other. When he saw Paulino reach into her waistband, the colleague told Devoe to return to the car and drive away.

Although Devoe did that, Paulino continued to follow them.

Devoe then stopped on a street beneath a bridge and stood along side the road, at which point Paulino allegedly drove past and fired a gun at Devoe, striking him. Devoe attempted to pursue Paulino, but he crashed the car and later collapsed.

The colleague attempted CPR until paramedics could arrive. Devoe was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police located Paulino around 11 p.m. that night hiding in a stairwell.

Investigators believe she bragged about the killing on Facebook. In a post published after Devoe had died, Paulino wrote,”Tried to warn Em tried to tell Em told Em stop that you my son don’t make me spank you.”

“We believe, at this point, that this is a random incident as a result of a possible road rage incident,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said during a news conference.

Paulino faces one count of murder and, if convicted, life in prison without parole.

[Feature Photo: Attached: Marc Devoe/Facebook]