Professor caught on video allegedly raping housekeeper tries to clear his name through the victim’s autopsy

A Florida man is hoping that the corpse of a woman will help clear him of charges of rape, as reported by Miami Herald. 

Attorneys for Florida International University business professor David Ralston have been pressing the Fort Myers police department to release the toxicology report of a woman who died in a motorcycle accident last summer, claiming that this report will exonerate their client for an alleged sexual assault the man was charged with back in June 2016.

In addition to the sexual assault, which is alleged to have occurred in April 2016, Ralston has been charged with plying the unnamed woman with a number of drugs, including Xanax and Valium. His attorneys stated that if the woman’s postmortem toxicology report shows the same drugs in her blood stream, that puts the entire case into doubt, as it would create a question as to whether or not their client supplied the woman with drugs.

“It would support Defendant’s position that he did not administer the above-referenced substances to the Victim and the Victim voluntarily ingested the controlled substances found in her system,” a statement from Ralston’s lawyer read.

Police, however, have made repeated claims that they have surveillance video of the alleged assault, which they say clearly shows Ralston forcing himself on an unconscious woman at a Days Inn hotel, with an arrest report noting that the woman appeared “to be heavily disoriented.”

There’s also the alleged victim’s testimony. She told police that she felt “drugged” after she sipped from a drink provided to her by Ralston.

As of this writing, it has not been determined if authorities will hand over the toxicology report. This case is ongoing.

[Featured Image: Lee County Sheriff’s Office]