Lucas Hernandez Update: Photos show bruises across missing boy’s face, back, arms; police say it’s now a criminal investigation

While a missing 5-year-old Kansas boy’s father wants the focus stay on finding the child, photos released show what looks like a history of abuse, with bruises across the boy’s face, back and arms.

Sally Rasmussen, the great-aunt of Lucas Hernandez, shared photos of the boy with local station, KAKE. The disturbing pictures, taken in 2017, appear to be the signs of abuse, and family members said that they’ve contacted social services in the past. The last person to see Lucas, Emily Glass, is currently in jail on child endangerment charges. Glass, the live-in girlfriend of the boy’s father, said she took a nap at around 3 p.m. and when she woke up, Lucas was gone.

When asked if Glass abused his son, Lucas’ father, Johnathan Hernandez, said it’s not something he wants to bring up at this time, as he thinks it takes the focus off of finding his son, who has now been missing from his Wichita home for five days.

“That really pisses me off. Only because it seems like it’s about something else and it’s not happening now,” Hernandez told KAKE. “Now, if you want to bring that up later that’s fine. That’s a whole separate issue. I think it’s taking away from what’s happening and I don’t appreciate it. Not from my family, not from strangers.”

Glass remains behind bars on two counts of child endangerment, one count for Lucas and one count for her 1-year-old daughter.

[Photo: KAKE video screenshot]
CrimeOnline previously spoke to Hernandez, who said that his son is a quiet and reserved child. He also said Lucas has a cleft palate and a speech impediment, and although it can be difficult to understand him if people aren’t accustomed to communicating with him, the child can still call out for help.

“His speech is different than a normal 5-year-old, because he does have a cleft palate. He speaks well but hard to understand him if you aren’t used to his speech. Anyone should be able to understand him if they listen closely to what he’s saying. He can call for help, yell, scream etc. Everything with his voice is just fine.”

Hernandez drove home from an out-of-town work site after learning the boy was missing. All of his son’s belongings, including his shoes and jacket, were still in the home. The child’s biological mother was reportedly in another state when he disappeared. Lucas lives in Wichita full-time with his dad, his dad’s girlfriend, and a younger toddler sister.

Lucas is described 4 feet tall and weighs around 60 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing white socks, black pants, and a grey shirt with a teddy bear on the front. He also has a cleft palate and a speech impediment. His family reported that it’s not typical for the boy to wander off.”We’re never giving up on him coming home, ever!” the boy’s father added.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact 911 immediately.

[Feature Photo: Lucas Hernandez/Family Handout]