Theft suspect poops her pants in effort to conceal drugs and crack pipe: Cops

Texas authorities say a woman arrested on suspicion of drug possession resorted to desperate measures in an attempt to hide the crack cocaine and pipe she is accused of carrying.

According to the New York Post, Shannen Martin was arrested Wednesday when Corsicana police were dispatched to an area retailer in response to a theft report.

Officers reportedly took Martin into custody at some point during their initial investigation.

Police say it was shortly after she was loaded into the back of a squad car that she allegedly defecated into her pants, hiding the drugs and paraphernalia in her feces.

Reports indicate she also hid a Valentine’s Day card in her own waste.

It is unclear from available reports whether the card was related to the initial report of a theft at the grocery store.

Police officers say they were relegated to sorting through Martin’s soiled underpants to find just over two grams of crack, the pipe and the card.

The bizarre crime story quickly gained traction on social media, with Twitter users expressing a range of reactions.

At least a few commenters were oddly impressed by Martin’s alleged ability to move her bowels at will.

Aside from a few obligatory poop jokes, one Twitter user succinctly summarized the debate by writing, “Is it genius or is it crazy?”

The suspect was arrested at the scene and booked into jail. She is expected to face charges of tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance.

[Featured image: Shannen Martin/Corsicana Police Department]