New details emerge after little girl pretends to sleep while dad shoots family, then himself [Update]

New details emerged in the case of a little girl who pretended to be asleep in her Missouri home as her father shot and killed her mother and brother before turning the gun on himself.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Dornubari Dugbor, 31, called 911 on Thursday night and said police would soon find three dead people inside a Bellefontaine home. When deputies arrived to the home, they found Dugbor, his fiancé, Katrina Banks, 31, and her son, Kevin Johnson, 15, dead from gunshot wounds.

Police said they found Dugbor’s body on a sofa with a cellphone in his hand and a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. The little girl said that Banks and Dugbor were her parents. Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Chief Jeremy Ihler said the girl told him she walked to the living room and saw her mother dead, then ran back to her bedroom when her father told her to go back to sleep.

“Sadly, she’d heard the awful tragedy play out,” Ihler told FOX2 St. Louis. “She was close enough to the event where she heard the gunshots and heard other scuffles and talk during the event and I would imagine a 4-year-old is going to be scared from this type of event. I feel for her greatly.”

Ihler said the little girl wasn’t physically hurt, but authorities took her to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. The child will likely be mentally and emotionally scarred, however, Ihler pointed out.

Authorities are still trying to figure out the motive behind the shootings. The couple got engaged in January and had lived at the residence together since 2014. Friends and extended family said there was no indication that a tragedy like this would occur.

People reports that Dugbor and Banks were childhood friends who reconnected as adults and began a romantic relationship. They later had the little girl together, while Banks had her son from a previous relationship.

Banks’ friend, Katrice Noble, knew her from 9th grade in high school. She indicated that Banks was “spunky and intelligent,” and will be greatly missed.

“[Banks was a] spunky young vibrant, very intelligent 9th grader. She was determined to be the best in the classroom, she was the student that her peers liked, she joined any activity that there was, she was that all-around young lady.”

Police indicated that Dugbor shot Banks first, then turned the gun on her son when he walked in on the incident. Dugbor then reportedly put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger. Authorities are still trying to determine a motive for the shootings.

The little girl is now staying with relatives.

[Feature Photo: Katrina Banks and Kevin Johnson/Handout]