Mom takes little girl, 6, out of school after another student rips her hair out to the scalp: Report

A Missouri woman took her 6-year-old daughter out of a St. Louis elementary school after another student reportedly pulled the little girl’s hair so roughly that it left patches of her scalp showing.

KDSK reports that a “bullying incident turned violent” happened at Lyon Academy in St. Louis after a student inside a first grade classroom attacked another student. The little girl’s mother, Amanda Lawson, said her daughter was left with several bald spots on her head. Administrators at the school put her child’s ripped hair into a bag.

“They gave me the hair in a bag that they had and I just I couldn’t believe it. I was mad like I wanted to protect her.”

Lawson initially sent her daughter back to school, but she said the little girl was frightened and couldn’t concentrate, as she thought the incident may happen again. Lawson said she called the police over the incident, but ultimately decided against pressing charges. Instead she took her child out the school and enrolled her in another one.

A St. Louis Public Schools spokesperson indicated that the district was aware of the incident, and explained it happened after two first graders in the same classroom got into some sort of argument.

Crisis Intervention Manager Elizabeth Matoushek stated that bullying can leave a child depressed, regardless of age. She suggested that parents and caregivers talk about any bullying situations openy with their children, and provide them a safe environment to open up.

[Feature Photo: FOX8 Screenshot]