Grieving mom screams at nanny who allegedly murdered her tots: ‘You’re evil!’

The mother of two young children who were allegedly slaughtered by their nanny had an outburst during the murder trial, screaming at the accused before exiting the courtroom, as reported by New York Post.

The outburst occurred on Friday when mother Marina Krim, pictured left, walked by alleged tot murderer Yoselyn Ortega, pictured right, during the trial. Ortega is accused of killing Krim’s two young children, Lucia and Leo, six yeas ago in their New York City apartment.

“You’re evil and you love this! You like this!” Krim yelled before being escorted out of the courtroom by officers, immediately after finishing her testimony, according to a transcript provided by ABC7.  “I look at the defendant, and I say, ‘I hate you.'”

Ortega allegedly killed Lucia and Leo Krim, aged six and two respectively, by stabbing them each dozens of times and then placing their lifeless bodies in a bathtub, court records indicated. Testimony also alleged that Ortega unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide after reportedly committing the horrific double murder.

That was not Krim’s only courtroom outburst on Friday. Earlier in the day she leapt to her feet to scream at Ortega’s lawyer.

“You’re fishing and she’s a liar! They’re liars!” She yelled.

Krim’s testimony found the grieving mother recounting her final days with nanny Ortega.

“I would say she was distracted. She was more arrogant … She had that smug look to her, like she has right now. It’s disgusting,” she said. “She’s a narcissist — it’s all about money! It’s all about money!”

Krim also screamed, during the testimony, “My hands are numb. Can I go? Oh my God.”

If convicted, Ortega faces a minimum of 20 years in prison and could face life behind bars. The trial is ongoing.

[Featured Image: ABC7/Screenshot]