Drunk husband murders wife by using an explosive as a sex toy: Cops

Peruvian police arrested a man and accused him of murdering his wife by using an explosive as a sex toy, as reported by New York Post.

Ruben Valera Cornejo was placed under police custody after he allegedly killed his wife by placing a mortar bomb in her vagina, authorities have noted.

Cornejo told investigators that he was too drunk to remember what happened, indicating a scenario in which his wife asked for various household objects to be used as sex toys, though that does not explain the use of a the mortar device, as reported by The Sun. 

He told police that he passed out and noticed his wife was unresponsive after awakening, claiming to be innocent of killing her.

Arequipa police chief Javier Arana told reporters that the mortar device was believed to be inactive and was rather large, coming in at around 16 inches long and two inches wide.

The explosive device is not believed to have gone off, with the victim instead perishing due to wounds caused by the mortar device.

“Painkillers were also found and it is believed they were used to control the pain,” Arana said.

The unnamed woman’s father, Washington Llerena, has issued a stern call for justice.

“He should be jailed for what he did with my daughter. I will keep on fighting until the end,” he said.

It is unclear if Cornejo has received legal representation and police have not stated if they believe the incident to have been premeditated.

[Featured Image: Twitter/screenshot]