Sunday school teacher killed after home invaders tie her and husband up, set house ablaze

North Carolina police are investigating a horrific crime in which a Sunday school teacher and her pastor husband were brutally terrorized inside of their home, culminating in one death, as reported by WRAL. 

Nancy Alford, 76, was killed after home invaders tied her and her husband up inside of their home before setting it on fire. Her husband, pastor John Alford, managed to escape to get help, but had to be forcibly restrained by neighbors from going back in the burning home to try to save his wife.

It all started Friday night when two masked home invaders were waiting for the couple to return home. That’s when they struck, beating John and forcing Nancy to go with them to a nearby ATM to withdraw the maximum amount of $1,000, as reported by WNCN. 

Upon their return, the unknown invaders tied the married couple together and torched their home.

“He was all swollen up. He was bleeding from his nose,” neighbor Shelley Thompson said.

John survived with second degree burns and other injuries, according to a statement from the Concord Baptist Association, a religious organization affiliated with Sanford Memorial Baptist Church. It has been stated that the pastor will need skin graft surgery.

Local businessman Pete Richardson praised the the victimized couple when he spoke to reporters.

“They were always willing to help somebody else out versus trying to take care of themselves,” he said. “So, it’s a very, very deep loss for this community and somebody that we will so miss.”

Police have yet to release any information regarding the suspects but they did state that they stole the family’s gray 2010 Mercedes, which has yet to be located.

[Featured image: Facebook/screenshot]