‘I didn’t know they had cameras:’ Man receives oral sex from stranger on train, promptly faces criminal conviction

Australian police have presented a man with a steep fine and a criminal conviction after he was caught receiving oral sex from a female stranger on a train, as reported by the Illawarra Mercury.

The incident occurred on the morning of Dec. 14, when Shane Laurence Brennan shared a car with an unidentified woman, who began masturbating. Brennan approached her and, before long, he began receiving oral sex from the woman, right in the middle of morning train service.

Brennan, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of willful and obscene exposure and behaving in an offensive manner, explained himself to the court.

“[She] was pretty horny and ready to go,” he told police, bragging that he didn’t have to “pay for it.”

“If she didn’t offer me nothing I wouldn’t have f***ing done it.”

Brennan was caught, however, thanks to a series of closed circuit cameras that had been installed throughout the train. In other words, police have footage of the entire incident.

“I didn’t know they had cameras all throughout the train,” he told the court, in records obtained by Daily Mail.

Additionally, after the incident, train staff entered his car and found a “large and disgusting” liquid mess on the floor. At first, Brennan told authorities that it was just soda but soon admitted what he was using the soda to do.

“I got a bl** job on the train and I was rinsing my c—k off,” he told police. “How many f***ing men would have knocked it back?”

During the hearing, Australian Magistrate Mark Douglass said that Brennan’s behavior would not be tolerated.

“There’s a line in relation to decency in our community and you have well and truly crossed it,” he said, before accepting the guilty plea.

Brennan was forced to pay a $700 fine and will be placed on a form of parole for one year. Court records have not indicated if the unidentified woman also faces charges due to the incident.

[Featured Image: Facebook/screenshot]