Man allegedly hires friend to attack parents, gives him hammer and says to make them ‘suffer’

Illinois police have arrested two men and accused one of hiring the other to attack his parents with a hammer, as reported by Chicago Tribune.

Joshua Miceli (pictured left), 23, is alleged to have spearheaded the murder-for-hire plot against his parents. Authorities stated that Miceli convinced friend Michael Targo (pictured right), 18, to attack his parents the morning of February 18, giving him a hammer and telling him to make them “suffer,” an arrest report indicated.

Investigators alleged that Targo carried out the brutal attack, seriously injuring Miceli’s mother before fleeing after Miceli’s father fended off the beating. The 18-year-old was captured by police at a nearby gas station later that day.

Miceli’s mother was struck several times about the head with the hammer. She is in serious condition.

Prosecutors stated that Miceli urged Targo to attack his parents because they were verbally and physically abusive and did not support his plans to become a blacksmith, though an alleged financial agreement between the two has yet to be revealed. Police noted in the arrest report that Miceli implicated himself during the investigation.

Undersheriff Frank Bibbiano congratulated local police for the quick arrest.

“I would like to praise our deputies for quickly apprehending these dangerous criminals and the investigators who were able to put the pieces together so swiftly,” he wrote in a press release, published by Miami Herald. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this heinous crime and we hope for their speedy recovery.”

Miceli faces a bevy of charges, including solicitation of murder for hire, attempted murder and aggravated battery. He pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to all charges. Targo faced his own arraignment on Monday and also pleaded not guilty on charges of attempted murder and battery.

If convicted, Miceli faces anywhere from 40 to 80 years behind bars.

[Featured Image: Joshua Miceli and Michael Targo/ DuPage County Sheriff’s Office]