Alleged murderer kills ex, kidnaps both children: Cops [UPDATE]

Illinois police arrested a man and charged him with murdering his wife and kidnapping their two children, as reported by ABC7.

Lynn Washington, 46, was arrested on Friday and charged with first degree murder and parental abduction. Washington allegedly killed his wife, 27-year-old Lakisha Roby, at a BP gas station early Wednesday morning, kidnapping his two young children in the process.

The two children, 2-year-old Jordyn Washington and 3-year-old Lynn Roby, were the subject of an Amber Alert on Wednesday evening, with CrimeOnline previously reporting that both kids were found and are now safe with their grandmother.

Lakisha’s death is made even more tragic by the fact that she filed a domestic battery complaint against Lynn in 2016, claiming that her husband punched, bit and choked her. Again, in March 2017, she filed for a protection order against the murder suspect.

“He has a history of abuse with myself and other women,” she wrote in the order. “I do feel like I’m at chance of being hurt or worse by him.”

Additionally, Lynn was arrested in November on a domestic battery charge and was ordered to have no contact with his wife or with his children, an order he allegedly broke on Wednesday.

Lakisha’s family said that she initially left the state to escape her husband, but the courts forced her to return to Illinois at some point before she was murdered.

The Department of Child and Family Services is working to determine who should obtain permanent custody of the children.

[Featured Image: Markham Police Department/Lynn Roby, Jordyn Washington/Police Handout]