Charlie Vorpagel

Jail letters from sole survivor of Superbowl triple homicide shine light on details behind brutal crime

Recently released letters written by the sole survivor of a triple homicide that occurred during a Superbowl party has shined a light on some of the more mysterious details surrounding the crime, as published by MyPalmBeachPost.

Charles Vorpagel, 28, hosted the Florida Superbowl party on February 5, 2017, in which three people, Kelli J. Doherty, 20, Sean P. Henry, 25 and Brandi El-Salhy, 24, were shot and killed by masked gunmen. Vorpagel was later arrested after police found guns and drugs inside his home, though has not been charged with being affiliated with the murders, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

He pleaded guilty to the drug and gun charges and is currently spending eight years behind bars, where he has begun writing letters about the incident to another inmate.

While police have made two arrests in the murders, Christopher Vasata and Marcus Steward, Vorpagel insists, according to these letters, that there was a third gunman.

“I owe it to my friends and my friends’ families to bring their killers to justice,” he wrote in an undated letter. “There is a reason I am still alive.”

“It sux so I’m doing everything I can to help find these guys.”

As for why he remained unscathed during the ordeal, Vorpagel chalked it up to luck.

“I was able to escape because one of the gunmen stumbled and shot another in the hip and the third gunmen’s altered glock 23 jammed,” he wrote. “They rushed us while we were sitting by my fire out back.”

Vorpagel expressed hope that, in time, the horrific memories of last February would fade.

“I feel like my situation has ruined a lot of (expletive) and caused a lot of problems for my loved ones,” he wrote to the unknown recipient. “But ya know, time heals just about everything.”

The cases against Vasata and Stewart are currently making their way through the criminal system.

[Featured Image: Jupiter Police Department]