Student at school shooting scene in Great Mills speaks to reporters by phone from classroom lockdown

A student at Great Mills High School in Maryland was able to speak on the phone to CNN while he was on lockdown in a classroom following reports of a school shooter.

Jonathan Freese told CNN that he was inside a math class and heard that the shooting began at around 7 a.m. He said he believed the shooting occurred in the art hallway of the school, but did not hear the shots himself since it was a distance away from the classroom.

Freese did not have any official confirmation of casualties but said he “heard a couple of people got shot” and said “one person is supposedly dead.” He did not specify where exactly he had heard this information, and officials have not yet confirmed the number of casualties.

The student also said that there was a rapid police and paramedic response, and that officers were already in place at at the school.

“The police are going through classrooms checking and making sure students are safe,” Freese said. “[We are] going to be escorted out soon.”

Freese also said that he had heard one person had a gun pointed to their head.

“I am not sure who it happened to, but hopefully they’re ok,” Freese said.


A representative for the school district told CNN that the situation is contained.

Great Mills High School is in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, southeast of Washington, D.C.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide updates when more information is available.


[Feature image: CNN video screenshot]