UPDATE: Kim Wall’s suspected killer admits throwing body overboard, says he doesn’t ‘see how that mattered’

After a two-week hiatus, the trial of Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who is charged with killing journalist Kim Wall during an August 2017 trip on his private submarine, has continued, as reported by Fox News.

Madsen, 47, pleaded not guilty, testifying that “toxic fumes” killed the 30-year-old journalist, though he has admitted to throwing her body overboard, which he said he did not think was a big deal, according to a transcript of Wednesday’s court proceedings.

“I don’t see how that mattered at that time, as she was dead,” he told the court, admitting to having cut her body in small pieces as in an attempt to make sure her remains sank.

“I put some punctures in the body parts because I didn’t want them to be inflated by gases.”

He also admitted that he stabbed her vagina, noting that it was not a sexual act.

“There is nothing sexual in the fact that the stab holes were in her vagina,” he said. “I understand why you might think there was, but there was nothing sexual in it for me.”

As previously reported by CrimeOnline, Madsen is alleged to have stabbed Wall dozens of time as the pair took a ride in his submarine, eventually sawing her open and throwing her body overboard.

He has offered a series of conflicting stories throughout the investigation, first telling authorities that he had dropped Wall off safely and then alleging that she died from a hatch falling on her head. More recently, he has suggested that she perished from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The trial is expected to last until the end of April. Madsen has been charged with murder, dismemberment and aggravated sexual assault.

If convicted, Madsen faces life behind bars, though according to the BBC, that could translate to around 16 years given the differences in the Danish criminal justice system.

[Featured Image: YouTube/Screenshot]