Meghan Verikas

‘They zip-tied my hands and my feet:’ Murder target who faked own kidnapping testifies in trial against ex-boyfriend

The target in a bizarre murder-for-hire plot testified this week against her ex-boyfriend, as reported by CBS News.

Leon Jacob has been accused of hiring a hitman to murder his ex-girlfriend, Meghan Verikas, after the suspect’s medical career became threatened when she stepped forward about alleged abusive behavior that occurred throughout and after their relationship.

As a matter of fact, Verikas testified that, along with the help of some undercover cops, she faked her own kidnapping to show Jacob that his plan had worked and she would soon be murdered.

Verikas took the stand on Wednesday and explained what it was like to pose for photos that made it look she had been violently kidnapped.

“I sat in a chair in a warehouse and they zip-tied my hands and my feet and put duct tape around my mouth to make me look as if I had been kidnapped,” she said.

An undercover officer who assisted in the fake kidnapping also took the stand, testifying that he was sure that Jacob was intent on murdering his ex-girlfriend.

“There was no doubt in my mind that Leon wanted Meghan killed,” the officer, who remains unidentified, said.

The court also offered up recordings of Jacob, which seem to find the doctor discussing plans with undercover officers to have his ex-girlfriend murdered, according to ABC 13.

“I prefer not to have to do that but my survival is more important,” he said in the recordings. “I worked too hard the last 20 years in education to get where I am to have this bite me in the butt and everything I worked for.”

According to NY Daily News, Verikas and Jacob dated for two years before he allegedly became physically violent in January 2017, forcing her to break up with him.

Initially, Jacob’s girlfriend after Verikas, Valerie Busick McDaniel, was implicated in the murder-for-hire plot, but she killed herself while out on bail, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Jacob has pleaded not guilty and has denied any wrongdoing. If convicted, he could spend life behind bars.

[Featured Image: CBS News/Screenshot/Testimony Evidence]