WATCH: Sorority girl reportedly goes on racist tirade, yells ‘get me away from these n****rs’

She has since been expelled

A student at University of Alabama has been expelled after a video went viral of her issuing racial slurs, as reported by

The female student, who has not been officially identified by the school but has been named on Twitter,  reportedly starred in the incendiary, viral video.

You can watch the video above, which has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, among other social networks.

“Get me away from these n*****s. Dude, like seriously, I didn’t mean to set myself up for this,” she can be heard saying in the short clip. “Oh god can they hear me? But seriously, those n****rs are gay!”

The university was swift in taking action, responding to the above tweet and announcing that the student-in-question had been expelled.

“We have learned of an offensive video involving racist language by a student who is no longer enrolled. We hold our students to a much higher standard than this,” University president Stuart Bell wrote in an email.

“We are united in condemning this racist behavior and resolute in our commitment to ensure our students, faculty and staff know they are welcome, accepted and supported on our campus, and that discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.”

The Greek Councils also issued their own statement, being as how the allegedly racist student was a member of a sorority.

“We are more than saddened and apologetic about the recent racially biased incident,” they wrote. “We respect the anger and calls for change that have been made and we intend to work together to achieve a climate of acceptance, respect and inclusivity, which is free from hatred and bigotry.”

This scandal comes just two months after a similar incident, involving a sorority girl named Haley Barber, who also made several racist videos and posted them online. She was banned from the sorority and also expelled from the university.

[Featured Image: WBRC/Screengrab]