UPDATE: Mom puts stillborn twins inside suitcase and dumps it in roadside ditch, cops say

Authorities in Arkansas arrested a woman accused of discarding her stillborn twins in a ditch.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, two babies, a boy and a girl believed to have died several weeks shy of full term, were found in a purple suitcase alongside a rural road in Cross County last month.

An update from investigators indicates the girls’ mother, 24-year-old Keysheonna Reed, faces charges of abuse of a corpse in connection with the grim discovery.

Autopsies show the twins were stillborn and no illegal substances appeared in their systems, though Reed’s family says they did not even know she was pregnant, according to People.

“No one knew that she was pregnant, and if I did, I would have encouraged her to go to the doctor,” said grandmother Lillie Sanders.

She described Reed as a “loving mother” to her other children.

Authorities reportedly received a tip about the suitcase’s owner, which led to Reed being identified as a suspect in the case.

As of the latest reports available, the suspect was still being held at Cross County Jail.

Cross County Detective Sgt. Jeff Nichols said cases like this one are particularly hard to accept.

“When you have kids of your own, it really bothers you,” he said.

A friend told WREG that she believes Reed acted out of fear while the suspect’s grandmother urged critics of her actions to reserve judgment.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Sanders said, adding that “y’all don’t know nothing about her.”

[Featured image: Keysheonna Reed/Cross County Jail]