Senator aide fired after comparing Parkland school shooting survivor to Hitler in a Facebook post

An aide to a New York state Senator is out of a job after he made Facebook posts comparing Parkland school shooting survivors to Nazis.

The Albany Times Union reports that Republican Sen. Martin Golden fired Anthony Testaverde after the aide shared controversial social media posts.

Over the weekend, Testaverde reportedly re-shared an image originally posted by the Common Sense Conservative with side-by-side photos of Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg and Adolf Hitler, with the caption, “I knew something was off about this kid.”

Golden did not immediately fired Testaverde but instead issued a statement criticizing the post, which he reportedly told Testaverde to delete.

“The views expressed in this social media post are as wrong and offensive as they are misguided,” he said in a statement issued through his re-election campaign on Monday.

“At my direction the post that was ‘shared’ has been deleted.”

But the next day, perhaps due in part to public pressure, the senator issued a statement announcing Testaverde had been fired.

“What occurred in this instance was wrong and cannot be tolerated,” Golden reportedly said, while reiterating his beliefs about the right to freedom of speech.

[Feature image: David Hogg/Associated Press]