BOMBSHELL: Casey Anthony’s jail pal reveals Tot Mom knew police found Caylee’s body before remains were identified

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Two of America’s top legal analysts, Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams, kicked off their first episode of “Grace vs. Abrams” by digging into the notorious Casey Anthony case with key guests.

A&E’s “Grace vs. Abrams” premiered Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST, and wrapped up with “bombshell” information dropped by a former friend of Anthony’s. Grace, who watched the show along with social media followers, live tweeted about the new information as the the show progressed.

“So what do you think of Tot Mom’s friend behind bars? I believe her!” Grace tweeted Thursday night.

The question was in reference to Casey Anthony’s former cellmate, Robyn Adams, who said she became close to Anthony while they both served time in a Florida jail in 2008. While appearing as a guest on “Grace vs. Abrams,” Adams, who was in jail for drug charges at the time, said she bonded so much with Anthony that the pair ended writing pages of letters to each other.

Adams said that she believed that Anthony was “a good mother” initially, but she noticed the accused child killer seemed to know where police would find her toddler daughter, Caylee, who disappeared in 2008. When authorities said they located a body in a specific location, Anthony immediately said that it “wasn’t her daughter,” Adams said.

Later, when detectives announced they found remains buried near her parents’ house, Anthony broke down and was taken to the medical unit in the jail, according to Adams.

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Adams: “She [Anthony] broke down, had to be taken to medical. Later did I find out they did not even identify that the remains were of Caylee,” Adams explained.

Abrams: “So she knew before they had identified?”

Adams: “She knew that the baby was–or the remains rather–were found in a black bag with her Winnie the Pooh baby blanket.”

Grace: “Only the killer could have known that!”

Grace also spoke with Russ Huekler, an alternate juror during Anthony’s trial, who argued that given the evidence they were presented at the time, he didn’t feel Anthony purposely killed her child. Yet, he did admit with new evidence that surfaced, including an Internet search for “foolproof suffocation” by Anthony that wasn’t heard during trial, he changed his mind.

Co-host Dan Abrams also joined in on Twitter, asking viewers who they were “betting on” to win the battle, but in a different twist of events, Grace and Abrams mostly sided with each other during the premiere episode, often agreeing with each other’s views on the Anthony case.

Viewers who tweeted in seemed to enjoy the show, commenting that they agreed with the hosts, loved their banter, and were glad Grace was on television again.

The next episode of “Grace vs. Abrams,” airing April 5 at 11 p.m. EST on A&E, dives into the Drew Peterson case.

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