Couple forces 9-year-old daughter to drink toilet water and sleep in storage shed: Cops

Tennessee police have arrested a couple this week on suspicion of aggravated child abuse, as reported by CW39.

Jesse and Trish Piatt have been accused of various abusive acts toward their 9-year-old daughter, including forcing her to drink out of the toilet, according to an arrest report.

Jesse Piatt is the girl’s father and Trish Piatt is her stepmother. Two other children live in the home, though a neighbor claimed the 9-year-old was treated differently than the other kids and often forced to do manual labor.

“When they moved in shortly after our kids became friends with theirs, but the youngest sibling she never came over. She was always doing yard work. She was out in the yard sometimes late at night,” the unidentified neighbor told reporters. “We knew something was wrong over there.”

In addition to forcing the girl to drink toilet water, police allege that the couple made her sleep in a storage shed. The girl reportedly claimed her stepmother pushed her down and broke her arm, demanding she blame the dog for the incident.

Investigators also noted that the girl was extremely thin and was wearing clothes that didn’t fit, in addition to having a freshly shaved patch on her head.

Upon being taken to the hospital, doctors revealed that she suffered from malnutrition in addition to showing signs of physical and psychological abuse.

Authorities became involved in January, when the girl stole food from her fourth grade teacher.

It is unclear if the couple has received legal counsel.

[Featured Image: Memphis Police Department]