WATCH: Shocking video shows pit bull attack children as they play in the street

Indian authorities are looking for answers after an out-of-control pit bull attacked several children as they played in the street, as reported by The Mirror UK.

The harrowing incident occurred this weekend in the Uttam Nagar area of New Delhi, India. Closed circuit cameras captured the entire thing, which you can watch below.

The pit bull can be seen approaching the children, eventually chomping down on a boy’s leg. A woman can be seen brandishing a large stick, successfully beating the dog away from the innocent child. The dog, however, begins chasing someone else, before eventually running away.

The three children injured in the attack were rushed to the hospital. Luckily, they were all relatively unscathed, receiving only minor injuries.

Locals told reporters that the dog’s owner is known for using the canine to chase away unwanted visitors.

Delhi police have stated that they would be taking necessary action against the dog’s owner, though they have not elaborated as to what that action would entail. Additionally, it is unknown what fate befell the attacking pit bull.

Stray dog populations are on the rise in New Dehli, as are the populations of stray monkeys. Authorities are planning several initiatives to get both populations under control.

According to The Washington Post, many of the myths surrounding the danger of pit bulls are actually not true, including the notion that they are born dangerous. The newspaper has reported that pit bulls, along with all dog breeds, are trained to be dangerous in their formative years.

[Featured Image: Screengrab/CCTV Footage]