‘Easter miracle’: 2-year-old boy wakes from coma after being taken off life support

A British family is celebrating an anniversary after their 2-year-old son woke from a coma on an Easter Sunday two years ago, just one day after being pulled from life support, as reported by New York Post.

Dylan Askin was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) on Christmas Day 2015. LCH is a rare cancer that impacts the lungs and Askin’s organs had become covered in cysts. Additionally, one of his lungs had completely collapsed and he lapsed into a coma.

On the following Good Friday, doctors convinced the family to begin saying their goodbyes. The next day, he was taken off of life support.

“They told us things were looking bleak and that we weren’t going to get him back,” mother Kerry Askin said. “All the settings on all the machines were at their highest and he was still struggling. We had him christened, all his family came from all over to say goodbye.”

Something changed on Easter Sunday. Instead of perishing, young Askin began thriving.

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Posted by CLIC Sargent on Saturday, March 31, 2018

His heart rate steadied and he eventually woke from his coma.

“We just said ’stop, there is still fight in him,’” mother Kerry Askin said. “Then his oxygen levels started to pick up, and he started coming back to us. By Easter Sunday, he was stable enough that I felt comfortable enough to have a lie-down. I was strong in that belief that he was our Easter miracle.”

One month later, the 2-year-old returned home and successfully completed a run of chemotherapy. The family stated that the boy is now healthy and happy.

“I am not massively religious, but I did think it was a miracle,” Kerry said.

Dylan is now the poster child for a cancer charity called CLIC Sargent, which helps families deal with the worrisome diagnosis.

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