Missy Bevers

‘I’m speechless’: Missy Bevers’ teen daughter sells prized pig to fund investigation into mom’s cold case murder

Community rallies around young girl to raise $15,000 to help find answers

The murder of Texas woman Missy Bevers remains unsolved but her teenage daughter is determined to help authorities catch her killer.

Daily Light reports that Allison Bevers sold a pig named Pepper for the $15,000 at the Ellis County Youth Expo on Saturday. Pepper usually would have sold for an average of a few thousand during most auctions, but locals rallied behind the Midlothian Heritage High School student to help her raise fund to help authorities investigate the 2016 murder of her mother.

“It went from one thousand to ten thousand in a matter of seconds and to be quite honest, I didn’t know she had personally endowed the funds [toward Missy’s investigation],” Allison’s father, Brandon Bevers, recalled. “I need to know more about this group of women, who they are and what they’re about. I appreciate all of the support. I’m speechless.”

The Ellis County Women in Business partnered up with numerous other local organizations to help raise the funds to purchase the pig. Some of the people who pitched in wished to remain anonymous, but Tina Yarborough, the official bidder for the Ellis County Women in Business, explained to Daily Light why they were determined to help Allison.

“We just want to wrap our arms around her. We are about supporting women, and I think she stands out the most to us. It’s about supporting and mentoring. If we don’t have each other we can sometimes fall through the cracks, and we need people to pick us up.”

The bidders are all familiar with the high-profile murder case of Missy Bevers. While working as a fitness coach, she arrived at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian in the early morning hours on April 18, 2016, to lead a group of students through an exercise class. Bevers arrived before 5 a.m. to get set up before the students arrived.

Someone disguised in a SWAT uniform waited inside the church for Bevers, and when she arrived, the suspect beat her to death with a hammer. Although surveillance footage captured a video of the suspect walking throughout the church halls while checking for locked doors and breaking windows, authorities haven’t yet captured the killer.

“I knew what happened and having kids I can’t even imagine not having closure to that,” Yarbrough continued. “Women in our group did know her and worked out with her and were friends with her so it was just a perfect, perfect fit. Yes.”

Yarborough told Allison to keep the pig she raised along with the money. She explained it was never about the pig, but instead how hard Allison worked and supporting her as a community.

Law enforcement hasn’t yet determined how the money will be allocated to help within the investigation.

[Feature Photo: Missy Bevers: Handout]