Dad speaks out as desperate search for autistic boy, 5, reaches its third day

The father of a missing Tennessee boy spoke out on Thursday night, two days after he last saw his son, and said he’s confused about the child’s disappearance but hoping for the best.

News Channel 5 reports that Joseph Daniels, the father of missing 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels, last saw his son on Tuesday night when his son went to sleep in a bedroom shared with his brother. Daniels said when he went to the room to wake the boys up on Wednesday morning, Joe was missing was from the home, which is located off of Garners Creek Road in Dickson.

Daniels said a door in the home was unlocked and that his son had wandered off previously, but never during the night and never too far from home. The family previously stated that they thought the little boy may have left at some point early Wednesday morning.

Daniels and his wife aren’t participating in the search at the advice of authorities, who said their scents could possibly throw off K-9 units. The father also said that although he hopes his son is hiding somewhere while safe and warm, he’s considered the possibility that someone may have kidnapped the little boy.

Joe Clyde is non-verbal and autistic. Daniels said his son normally wouldn’t go to someone else’s home for help and generally doesn’t engage with strangers at all. While hoping his child is found safe, Daniels said he’s appreciative of all the help his family is receiving from law enforcement and search volunteers.

On Wednesday, authorities announced that they received a “credible tip” from someone who saw Joe Clyde walking down Garners Creek Road, which is around 100 yard from his family home, according to NBC10.

“We do have a man who came through the area early yesterday morning that saw the exact description of the child that’s missing,” Dickson County Sheriff Joe Bledsoe confirmed.

Joe Clyde has blonde hair, blue eyes, stands 4 feet tall and weighs about 65 pounds.  He was last seen wearing black pajamas with a skeleton outline. Anyone who knows of his whereabouts is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

[Feature Photo: Joe Clyde Daniels/TBI]