‘Monstrous’: Man stabs girlfriend to death after brutally attacking her kitten

A Virginia judge has handed out a sentence of 33 years behind bars to a man who killed his girlfriend and attacked her pet, as reported by WTOP.

Melvin John Williams, 23, pleaded guilty Thursday to the Sept. 14 murder of DaSheria Barksdale, among other charges.

The couple had been in a domestic relationship for two years when Williams began making threatening videos in which he promised to perform violent acts against the victim’s kitten. Williams followed through with that threat, attacking the feline and breaking its leg. The kitten’s leg had to be amputated, as reported by NBC 4.

The victim demanded that Williams move out of the apartment in light of the animal abuse. He returned, however, on the morning of her death. Several neighbors saw the couple arguing and said Williams brandished a knife.

Roommate Darrell Edwards tried to intervene on the victim’s behalf but Williams stabbed him several times, forcing him to jump out of an open window. He survived but required surgery.

When police arrived at the scene, Williams taunted them by saying “I’ve killed her. Now you’ll have to kill me.”

Before apprehending Williams, the murderer managed to stab himself, an apparent attempt at suicide. Barksdale was rushed to the hospital but died later that night.

Williams was actually sentenced to 102 years in jail with all but 33 years rescinded on the grounds that he pay restitution and is released with good behavior. Upon release, he will also face 20 years of probation.

“In his rage, the defendant lashed out against the person whom he allegedly loved. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was no love in his heart, only a desire to manipulate, control and ultimately punish Ms. Barksdale for deciding she wanted out of the relationship. The defendant now has three decades in a maximum security prison to reflect upon the monstrous wrong he perpetrated,” attorney Bryan Porter said in a statement, as obtained by Alexandria Times.

[Featured Image: Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney City of Alexandria]