Mom of three slams 2-month-old infant on floor ‘out of frustration,’ causing multiple serious injuries: Cops

Wisconsin police have arrested a woman on suspicion of child abuse, as reported by FOX  6.

Chelsey Zamitalo, 22, allegedly slammed her 2-month-old infant on the ground “out of frustration,” causing multiple serious injuries, according to the arrest record.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on April 2. Police became involved when the baby was admitted to the hospital and doctors noted it had received injuries consistent with child abuse. These injuries included two skull fractures to the right side of the head, an acute fracture to his left femur, two posterior rib fractures, a fractured right hand, and a possible fractured fibula to the right leg, among others.

“The mom was so frustrated with the child, she did end up slamming the child down on the floor which caused multiple skull fractures,” Lt. Kevin Rice of the Waukesha Police Department told reporters.

Additionally, Rice noted that the infant also had a bone fracture that was over a month old, indicating the possible presence of earlier abuse.

Zamitalo told investigators that the injuries happened by accident, as reported by Waukesha Patch.

She said she was putting the child to bed when she tripped and fell, causing the reported injuries. Later, however, she changed her story to add that she slipped on some water in the kitchen.

Still later, she changed her story yet again, telling detectives that “she had dropped him in his car seat, and that he tipped over a bit,” saying further that “he hit his head on the bar that goes over the car seat.”

When asked about the month-old fracture, she told authorities that she “dropped him into the bed out of frustration.”

Zamitalo is the mother of three, with Rice telling reporters that one of her children had already been taken away from her prior to this event. After she was arrested, the Department of Family Services took the remaining child.

If convicted on both counts, she could face 25 years behind bars.

[Featured Image:Waukesha County Jail]