Woman says cocaine ‘must have flown through the window’ and landed in her purse on a windy day: Cops

Florida police have arrested a woman for drug possession, and she has offered up a strange denial, as reported by ABC 10.

Kennecia Posey, 26, was pulled over by police on March 21 when the car she was seen swerving in the highway, according to the arrest report.

As they approached the vehicle, police noted that they smelled the strong odor of marijuana, according to WFLA.

When authorities searched her purse, they found a bag filled with cocaine. Posey, however, told investigators that the drugs were not hers, suggesting that they simply flew in through the car’s window and settled in the purse.

“I don’t know anything about any cocaine,” the arrest report quotes her as saying. “It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse.”

In addition to the cocaine, police also found a bag filled with marijuana in her purse. She did not blame the appearance of that drug on the wind, instead readily admitting that the marijuana was hers.

Posey was charged with one felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession. She was later released on bond.

As of this writing, she had not yet entered a plea, despite initially denying that she had any idea how the cocaine arrived in her purse.

It is unclear if the vehicle’s other occupant was taken into police custody.

According to The Weather Underground, March 21 was a windy day in the Fort Pierce area, with gusts reaching up to 33 mph.

[Featured Image: Fort Pierce Police]