Parents desperate to save baby girl born without part of her skull [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

A 2-month-old Cambodian girl is reportedly clinging to life after being born with part of her skull missing.

Per the Daily Mail, Ah Neath’s parents have sold their home to cover their ailing daughter’s mounting medical bills. While Srey described her newborn daughter as “healthy” to The Sun, doctors believe the girl’s deformed skull was caused by anencephaly.

For reference, the CDC describes anencephaly as a neural tube defect (NTD) where the neural tube doesn’t completely close, leading the baby to be born without part of their brain or skull. There is no known cure and most babies born with the condition die shortly after birth, they said.

The Sun wrote that Ah Neath, born in February, was in the hospital for two months to help her breathing and was recently discharged. Despite this, her parents said they are overwhelmed and hope that crowdfunding will allow their daughter to see a doctor in Phnom Penh, the country’s capital.

“I knew there was something very wrong with my baby when she was born. I have cried for days and asked people to donate money,” Srey said.

“We are facing hardship and struggling to raise her to survive on the planet. Our only hope is that doctors may be able to help, or a foreign doctor may help.”

[Featured Image: Pixabay]