Stoner mom jailed after toddler daughter eats THC-laced mac and cheese: Cops

A Tempe, Arizona, mother was jailed Thursday after her two-year-old daughter allegedly ate macaroni and cheese made with THC butter.

Per Arizona’s Family, Alaina Marie Limpert, 25, was arrested after someone in her household contacted Department of Child Safety about the child ingesting the laced mac and cheese while eating with her father on April 4. Limpert is believed to have cooked the mac and cheese as a treat for the child’s father.

Police claimed that neither parent took their child to the emergency room. However, it’s not immediately known why only Limbert is facing charges at this time, or if more charges are expected.

“It was witnessed inside of the residence that [they] both laughed about the side effects the child experienced during that time and then proceeded to place her into their backyard pool to use the cold water to ‘shock’ her,” the police report alleged.

The report also revealed that a blood test determined that THC was in the toddler girl’s bloodstream. However, Limpert claimed she was unaware that her daughter had eaten the tainted mac and cheese.

“A sample of that macaroni, along with the [three] large tubs of THC butter, was confiscated as evidence,” police wrote.

The Phoenix New Times reported officers located a tent inside the home’s garage where Limpert was growing as many as 20 marijuana plants. A live-in nanny reportedly confessed to watering the marijuana plants.

The report stated that detectives also found bongs, pipes, hash oil, a “large bag” of magic mushrooms, and a tote bag full of fresh pot at the Tempe home.

Child welfare workers were notified about the incident on April 6 and took Limpert’s three children into protective custody, the newspaper wrote.

Additionally, the New Times found that Limpert describes herself on her Facebook profile as the CEO of Marijuana Demographic, where she does “online marketing  for the cannabis community.” State corporate records obtained by the newspaper confirmed that she has a corporation called MD Clickframe LLC registered to her address.

The Arizona mother is charged with child abuse and is due back in court on April 19.

[Featured Image: Alaina Marie Limpert/Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]