‘Self-centered, deceitful, manipulative’ mom kills infant daughter by smashing her on ground, brutally injures another child

A British court sentenced a woman to life behind bars on Wednesday after she was convicted of murdering her 7-month-old daughter and injuring another child, as reported by The Guardian.

Following a five-week trial, Jennifer Crichton, 35, was found guilty of killing infant Amelia Crichton. In addition to the murder charge, she was found guilty of three counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and one count of child cruelty against another child, who remains unidentified.

During the sentencing hearing, Magistrate Justice Holgate addressed the guilty woman and described her as “self-centered, deceitful, manipulative and lacking in any real remorse.”

The 35-year-old murdered the infant last April, just after she returned home from the hospital, following a lengthy stay after being born prematurely, as reported by the BBC.

Jennifer smashed the baby on a hard surface, likely the floor, according to Holgate. Evidence presented during the trial proved she had suffered a strike of a “violent nature.”

Holgate also discussed the void left by the death of young Amelia, noting that Jennifer originally tried to blame the death of the infant on the girl’s father, Richard Sheppard.

“Their pain over losing a much-loved young child and her life being so cruelly cut short will endure,” he said.

Brett Gerrity from the Crown Prosecution Service concurred with the judge, denouncing the actions of the killer.

“Amelia Crichton was a small, defenseless baby who suffered catastrophic injuries at the hands of her mother, who should have been caring for her and ensuring she didn’t come to any harm,” he said.

Incidentally, the cruel acts towards the second child occurred before the birth of Amelia, though she only faced charges last year.

Jennifer Crichton will serve a minimum sentence of 21 and a half years in jail.

[Featured Image: Family handout]