Baby girls dies after babysitter gives her poison-filled enema, police classify death as homicide: Cops

Baltimore police have arrested a babysitter on suspicion of first-degree child abuse after a six-month old infant perished while under her care, as reported by WJLA.

Latayia Hutchins, 32, was taken into custody on Thursday and officially charged in the November death of baby Indira Henderson. Authorities have alleged that Hutchins urged the girl’s mother to allow her to administer an enema containing Lidocaine, ostensibly to help the child have a bowel movement.

Lidocaine is a medical-grade numbing agent which resulted in the infant’s death. Investigators have stated that immediately after administering the enema, Henderson began convulsing and then stopped breathing entirely, as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

She was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. An autopsy confirmed the presence of Lidocaine, which is also used to treat irregular heartbeats. On March 30, police ruled the death a homicide by poisoning.

It is unclear as to why the suspect allegedly used the dangerous drug as an ingredient in the enema. Hutchins has been charged with first-degree child abuse and first-degree assault. She is being held without bail.

The victim’s mother has not been officially identified.

Lidocaine has often been noted to be dangerous when misused or overused, with the National Poison Control Center writing that “it’s easy to make dosing errors when using lidocaine. Such errors can be potentially toxic, especially in children.”

Additionally, Lidocaine was blamed for a number of deaths in 2009, when the drug was often included in over-the-counter skin creams, according to a report by NBC 4.

[Featured Image: Baltimore Police Department]