VIDEO: Police repeatedly taser unruly American Airlines passenger accused of groping woman

A released video reportedly shows Miami police tasering an American Airlines passenger who allegedly fondled a female passenger.

Three officers were caught on tape tasering Jacob A. Garcia, 28, multiple times on Sunday night. NBC News reported that police said the American Airlines flight was bound for Chicago when the victim’s boyfriend informed staff that Garcia was touching his girlfriend. As a result, the crew instructed Garcia to deplane.

A combative Garcia can be seen asking, “What is the reason why you are removing me from this plane?” as officers try to put handcuffs on him.

“You just assaulted a lady, for one,” another passenger says.

An arrest report obtained by the Miami New Times said flight attendants initially tried to move Garcia to another seat but he “began to scream and insult [the woman]… and her boyfriend.” As a result, crew informed the passengers that they would have to deplane as officers would come aboard to arrest the Chicago man.

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One officer deployed his Taser 10 times, according to the report. Despite this, they wrote that they were unable to remove him from the plane because Garcia “wedged his legs and body in the seat” and “locked his feet around the legs of the seat.”

At one point, Garcia taunts officers, calling one of them a “baby” and attempting to take the Taser from them. Once off the plane, Garcia allegedly fell to the floor and reached for an officer’s gun multiple times. Video also caught Garcia refusing to sit down in an airport go-cart.

While in the police cruiser, Garcia caused $150 in damage by kicking the “driver-side rear window out of alignment,” the New Times reported.

American Airlines issued the following statement in light of Sunday’s ordeal:

“American began the process of deplaning the entire aircraft. During that process, a physical altercation between the same two passengers took place. Once law enforcement was on the aircraft, the passenger then became combative with the officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department.”

Garcia was charged with felony battery, depriving an officer of a firearm, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. He remains jailed at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center as of Monday morning.

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