Two high school seniors dead in ‘shocking’ murder-suicide after breakup turns fatal

A former teen couple from San Antonio, Texas, is dead following a brutal murder-suicide Wednesday morning.

According to Fox 29 San Antonio, Clarissa Riojas, 18, was shot dead at the apartment complex where she lived by Louis Nickerson, 19, who subsequently committed suicide in the woods nearby.

Chief William McManus of the San Antonio Police Department told the network that the two high school senior classmates had been in a romantic relationship for about 18 months before Riojas broke it off with Nickerson a week before the deadly violence took place.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that Nickerson first attempted to enter Riojas’ apartment before 8 a.m. Wednesday by shooting at the door. He was finally able to break in by kicking it down, and immediately located his ex-girlfriend and subsequently shot her in the head. Riojas’ younger sister was also at home and called police.

Riojas was on Highlands High School’s winning Brigade Dance Team, and Nickerson—who relocated to San Antonio from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina—was an athlete who played football and basketball.

After the shocking shootings, friends recalled troubling details about the relationship between Riojas and Nickerson.

A friend/co-worker of my dad lost his 18-year-old daughter yesterday in a horribly tragic murder-suicide. Please consider helping their family with funeral expenses and keep them in your prayers.

Posted by Lauren Seabrook on Thursday, April 26, 2018


Adrean Coy told the paper that “she was always telling me how he was abusive,” referring to both verbal and physical acts. Coy also claimed that Nickerson was so jealous of his friendship with Riojas that the shooter slashed his tires. The last time Coy spoke with Riojas, she allegedly told him she was definitively ending the abusive relationship with Nickerson.

Angela Zetina recalled that the connection was known around school to be “just so toxic.”

Chief McManus shared his insights on teenage domestic violence with the news media, stating that parental concern for teens’ wellbeing should not end the moment a relationship does. “I guess the lesson learned the hard way is if you’re a parent with a daughter who’s dating,” he warned, “Make sure you pay attention to the status of that relationship once it’s over.”

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