Horrific video allegedly shows father cruelly beating his young daughter

New York State Police are investigating a horrific video that originally appeared on Facebook before being taken down, as reported by ABC 10.

The video, as seen below, allegedly shows a father, who remains anonymous, beating his young daughter. It shows the reportedly abusive dad, shirtless, hitting her, as she lay helpless in her small bed.

“You can see her go rigid. She’s got a panic response that’s going on for her,” Timothy Hathaway, Executive Director at Prevent Child Abuse New York, said.

Hathaway also said that many similar cases go unreported, as the parents are fearful of getting the law involved, which could result in the loss of custody of a child.

“We want to get help for those people. The idea of just letting them somehow suffer through it or think well maybe it will get better if we leave it alone, that’s maybe the worst thing we could do,” he said. “Communities can take this issue on and they can change the trajectory around this.”

Child Protective Services took the young girl and placed her with her mother. The incident is now being viewed as a criminal investigation, with NYSP looking to press charges in the near future, thanks to ABC 10 tipping them to the existence of the video.

Anyone who has witnessed a possible incident of child abuse is urged to call 1-800-CHILDREN.

The identity of the person who originally posted the video to Facebook has not been announced.

[Featured Image: ABC 10/Screenshot]