‘Dad’ kills man during argument and coerces his own 14-year-old son to take the blame

A British jury convicted a man of murder on Tuesday and of trying to pin the whole thing on his 14-year-old son, as reported by the Independent.

Matthew Moseley, 50, got into a heated argument with Lee Holt, 32, in front of his home in October of last year before shooting the man dead. Afterwards, according to court testimony, Moseley handed the murder weapon, a semi-automatic Beretta to his 14-year-old son, coercing him into taking the blame for the murder.

Surveillance footage from a prison van showed the convicted murderer laying out his case to his son, based on an assumption that the teenager wouldn’t go to jail for the murder.

“You are a minor. You can’t go to any jail. Self defense for you and you didn’t know what you were doing. Me, different ball game,” he said. “And that is the way we have got to go with this.”

Moseley’s unidentified son originally followed his dad’s lead, telling police that it was him who shot and killed Holt in front of their home. After speaking with investigators on several occasions, however, he eventually came clean, telling them that it was his father that committed the horrific act.

“He is my dad. I love him to bits but you would think he would take responsibility for what he has done and not let his son take the blame for him,” he told officers, court testimony noted.

After his son refused to remain behind bars for a crime his father committed, Moseley changed his story, telling the jury that the gun went off accidentally, something that he failed to mention during his numerous interviews with authorities.

The confrontation between Moseley and Holt stemmed from an ongoing dispute between their two sons.

The 50-year-old received a life sentence for his crimes.

[Featured Image: Lancashire Police Department]