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Four dead in murder-suicide after neighbors shelter wife fleeing captivity

A Maryland man shot and killed three people after he went chasing after his wife who ran from their home in terror after her husband held her captive there for the preceding weekend.

ABC News reports that Christopher Snyder, 41, went to a neighbor’s home in Brookeville, Maryland, on Monday afternoon in pursuit of his wife, who had fled the couple’s home.

Snyder reportedly pursued his wife to the neighbor’s home, where he allegedly shot and killed three people there before turning the gun on himself.

A resident of the home, a guest, and a person doing housework at the home have been identified as the people murdered there. The suspect’s wife reportedly escaped the home unharmed.

After the fatal shootings, Snyder reportedly barricaded himself in his home in a police standoff that lasted more than six hours. Shortly after police officers eventually broke down the door and entered the home, the suspect fatally shot himself.

“Our tactical team breached the front door and when they breached the front door the suspect was on the phone with negotiators,” Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger told reporters at a press conference Monday night.

“He asked the negotiator, ‘Did they just break in the front door?’ and then hung up the phone. At that point, officers outside the home heard a single gun shot.”

The suspect was reportedly known to police. His wife told investigators that Snyder had held her captive in their home for the weekend prior, and that she took an opportunity to flee the home on Monday.

Police reportedly found “a number” of guns in the home, Manger said at the press conference.