‘Dad’ rapes teen daughter, leaving her so grief-stricken that she kills herself

A Scottish court sentenced a man this week to nine years behind bars after he was convicted of sexually assaulting his own 19-year-old daughter, driving her to suicide, as reported by The Sun.

James Elder, 43, attacked his daughter, Jamie-Leigh Craig, in September, 2016, brutally raping her. Three months later, she was dead, after having committed suicide.

She reportedly shared her father’s horrific act with her mother, Liz Craig, just before ending her own life. It was this admission that led, in part, to the conviction of Elder.

In the court room, the mother spoke of her daughter’s mental state following the sexual assault.

“It was not the daughter I knew. She was hysterical. She was just confused, irritable… just all over the place,” Liz Craig said. “She kneeled beside me and started crying. She put her head onto my lap. I just grabbed her.”

The grief-stricken mom continued, pining for the return of her daughter.

“I put my arms around her and gave her a cuddle. I wish I could do that now,” she said. “You will never understand until you lose a child.”

Jamie-Leigh also approached authorities before committing suicide, painting a picture of the night in question.

“I was being held down by my arms and he was having sex with me,” she said, according to court testimony. “I remember feeling disgusting.”

Members of the jury also heard evidence that indicated Elder had admitted to the attack, telling a friend in a letter that she was “coming on to him,” as reported by Mirror UK.

Before handing down his sentence, the judge addressed Elder in the court room, saying “You have been convicted of the violent rape of your daughter. For a father to assault his daughter in this way is unthinkable.”

[Featured Image: Family Handout]