Wife who smothered husband to death may be a serial killer who served lover’s remains at a neighborhood BBQ: Report

An Indiana woman sentenced to 65 years in prison last month for killing her husband may have served her boyfriend’s remains at a neighborhood barbecue. The convicted killer may also be responsible for nine other killings.

The Indy Star reports that Kelly M. Cochran, 34, injected her husband, Jason Cochran, with enough heroin to kill him before taking a pillow and smothering him to death in their Hobart, Indiana, home in 2016. She was already serving a life sentence in Michigan for killing her lover, Chris Regan, when she admitted that she also killed her husband.

Cochran’s crimes and bizarre accusations, which include friends and family telling authorities that she fed Regan’s remains to neighbors during a barbecue, sparked the creation of a TV documentary about the killer, scheduled to air later this month.

According to court documents, Cochran landed on the radar of Iron River, Michigan, Police Chief Laura Frizzo when Frizzo started investigating the 2014 disappearance of Regan in Iron River. During the investigation, Frizzo learned that Cochran had been having an affair with Regan and was likely the last person to see him alive.

Without evidence, however, the case turned cold until 2016, when Jason Cochran died from a suspected heroin overdose.

Upon further questioning and an almost 70-hour interview, Cochran admitted she and her husband killed Regan. She stated that her husband helped “kill off” anyone she had extramarital affairs with in the past. She claimed Jason Cochran shot Regan with a .22 caliber long-barrel shotgun, dismembered his body and dumped his remains in the woods. Court documents indicate Cochran later become upset that Regan was dead and in turn, killed her husband out of revenge for “taking the only good thing I had in my life.”

While police initially thought Jason Cochran died from a lethal dose of heroin, the Indiana Lake County Coroner ruled his official death as asphyxiation.

Meanwhile, Cochran’s brother, Colton Gaboyan, reached out to detectives and claimed that his sister was a serial killer. Further, Iron County prosecuting attorney Melissa Powell indicated that Cochran “claimed responsibility for the deaths of other individuals, which, if true, make her a serial killer.”

WTHR reports that provisions in Cochran’s sentencing prevent her from being convicted from any other murders. Should the rumors be true, Cochran can give up the locations of additional victims without facing any legal consequences.

“Dead North,” the documentary about Cochran, is scheduled to air on May 28 and May 29 on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel at 9 p.m. EST.

“The search for Chris Regan – and specifically Laura Frizzo’s determination to solve this case – is what compelled us to join her on this journey for answers,” president of Investigation Discovery, Henry Schleiff, said. “The story that unfolds through Chief Frizzo’s own video documentations is a rare opportunity for viewers to see a skilled investigator at work.”

[Feature Photo: Kelly Cochran/Lake County Sheriff’s Office]