‘Dad’ beats infant son until he appears ‘zombie-like,’ left with permanent brain and genital damage

A Utah judge sentenced a man on Wednesday to a minimum of six years behind bars after he pleaded guilty of abusing his infant son so badly that he received permanent brain and genital damage, as reported by HJNews. 

Bryan Keith Teeter, 33, fathered a son in the summer of 2016 with an unidentified reported to have been addicted to heroin. As such, the infant was born addicted to the drug and the Department of Children and Families placed the child with a foster family.

Teeter, however, was allowed to continue seeing the infant, which is when he allegedly abused the boy so badly that he received multiple skull fractures, causing brain damage, court records indicate. He also allegedly beat the child so violently that his genitals were permanently damaged. Cache County Prosecutor Barbara Lachmar has noted that the genital injuries may have been caused by abuse that was sexual in nature.

After the child’s first birthday, doctors noticed that he had lost weight, had stopped walking and babbling and appeared, in their words, “zombie-like.” Teeter told multiple witnesses that the child was acting that way because he had “just woken up from a nap,” according to court testimony provided by Cache Valley Daily.

Teeter was convicted on one count of attempted aggravated sexual abuse and another count of child abuse causing serious injury. He was already on probation for multiple unrelated drug crimes, which will tack on an additional two years to his sentence. Though he has a minimum of six years behind bars, a parole board could keep him incarcerated for life.

The foster family that was taking care of the infant has been cleared of all wrongdoing.

[Featured Image: Cache County Jail]