Grandfather hires homeless drug addict to rape his wife as he watches and makes threats

A California jury convicted a man this week on charges related to hiring a homeless individual to sexually assault his wife, as reported by WDTN.

Russel Higgins, 58, traveled to a part of Bakersfield that is rife with prostitution and drugs. That’s where he approached Haliki Green and offered to pay him $200 to rape his wife, who remains unidentified.

In March 2016, the woman returned home to find Higgins and Green in her bedroom. She told police that the pair tied her up and forced her on the bed, where Green carried out a brutal sexual assault, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The woman attempted to fight the men off, even biting her husband’s hand in the process, court records have noted. All the while, Higgins demanded that she consent to the rape, making vague threats against their children and grandchildren.

When it was over, Higgins forced her to shower, but the unidentified woman merely wet her hair in the sink, thus preserving evidence for authorities.

After she called for help, investigators found a multitude of rape-themed pornography on her husband’s phone.

The 58-year-old was convicted of rape and false imprisonment. Incidentally, Higgins was already a sex offender, having been convicted of assaulting a minor in 1985.

Police also tracked down Green and arrested him, helped by surveillance footage that showed the two suspects intermingling. He was also convicted of rape and false imprisonment, though he maintains that the whole thing was just some sort of role play.

Both men could go to jail for 50 years to life.

[Featured Image: Bakersfield Police Department]