Hero Noblesville science teacher shot while tackling student shooter to ground: Reports

An Indiana teacher is being hailed as a hero for reportedly tackling a student who opened fire in his seventh-grade classroom.

The Indianapolis Star reported that Noblesville West Middle School science teacher Jason Seaman, 30, and a female student were injured in Friday morning’s shooting. Reports indicated that the male shooting suspect is in custody.

“Please pray for my son Jason. This morning there was a shooting at his school Noblesville West Jr High. He was hit 3 times & is undergoing surgery now. We are told he is in good condition but haven’t gotten to see him yet. I thank God that no one was killed,” the teacher’s mother, Kristi Seaman, wrote on Facebook.

Noblesville Chief of Police Kevin Jowitt said the male student excused himself while the class was taking a test and returned wielding two handguns. While Jowitt said he’s unaware of what transpired next, he said the incident was “resolved very quickly,” according to WISH.

Multiple students told WEWS that Seaman intervened and stopped the shooter.

“Our science teacher immediately ran at him, swatted a gun out of his hand, and tackled him to the ground,” seventh-grader Ethan Stonebraker told the Associated Press.

“If it weren’t for him, more of us would have been injured for sure.”

ESPN noted that Seaman was a defensive end at Southern Illinois University from 2007 to 2010. His LinkedIn indicated that he’s been a science teacher for Noblesville schools for almost four years.

Investigators believe the student acted alone. Authorities haven’t publically identified the suspect they have in custody.

[Featured Image: Jason Seaman/Facebook]