[VIDEO] FBI agent allegedly shoots man at bar after gun falls out in botched dance move

A federal agent’s gun got in the way of his dance moves at a Colorado pub last week, according to local police who say another man sustained a gunshot wound as a result.

According to the New York Post, police say the off-duty FBI agent was at the Mile High Spirits bar in Denver as at least one onlooker captured his moves on the dance floor.

All went well until he executed a backflip, which caused his concealed firearm to become dislodged and fall to the floor.

In the witness’ cellphone video, the man can be seen diving for his weapon. He allegedly squeezed the trigger as he grabbed it, resulting in a flash of light that can be seen in the footage.

Reports indicate only one bullet was discharged during the incident.

It struck a man in his lower leg. Officials say the victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment is expected to recover.

As for the alleged shooter, he can be seen calmly tucking his firearm back into his pants before raising his hands and leaving the dance floor.

The agent was taken into custody a short time later. After authorities transported him to Denver Police headquarters where he was subsequently released to an FBI handler.

According to Marika Putnam, a community resource officer for the Denver Police Department, the agent was not identified because he was not charged with a crime at the time of his arrest.

Local police continue to investigate the incident and the district attorney’s office will determine whether to pursue criminal charges.

It was unclear from available reports whether the agent had been drinking prior to his display.

[Featured image: video screen shot]