Hero toddler makes lifesaving 911 call after mom collapses: ‘Mommy … on the floor’

A 3-year-old Texas girl is being called a hero for reportedly calling 911 after her mom collapsed and became unresponsive.

KTRK reported that mother Miranda Craig passed out in the kitchen of their Cleveland home Wednesday, prompting toddler daughter Dorothy to jump into action and dial 911. Dorothy’s two younger siblings—a 2-year-old and 5-month-old—were also home at the time.

“Her fall on the floor and was dead on the floor,” the toddler told KHOU. “Her was dying.”

Audio of the 911 call caught Dorothy telling a dispatcher “Mommy.” With children crying in the background, the dispatcher then asks where Mommy is, to which the toddler responds, “on the floor.”

The toddler’s life-saving call reportedly allowed the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to track down the general area where the call was placed. Officers located the mother a half-hour after going door-to-door, according to KTRK.

“I’m extremely proud of her. She’s such a smart little girl and she’s so charismatic,” Miranda said.

KHOU reported that mother was unconscious but breathing when officers arrived. It was determined that she had failed to take the proper medications for her narcolepsy, resulting in her passing out on Wednesday.

Due to her medical condition, the Texas mom had taught her daughter how to call 911—a decision that deputies said likely saved her life.

“When she was really little, I taught her how to call 911,” Miranda said of daughter Dorothy. “And she’s done it for me twice now, and she’s my little…she’s my little hero.”

[Featured image: KTRK video screengrab]