‘I dream that she’s coming home’: Mother of two vanishes without a trace

Family and friends of a Washington State woman who went missing two years ago say they’re still hopeful she will be found alive.

NBC News reports that Jamie Haggard vanished in June 2016 and has not been seen since, despite an active police investigation. Haggard was 27 and the mother of twin daughters at the time.

Her father, Arthur Haggard, said Jamie was going through a difficult time in her life and he believes she may have been depressed.

“She was just sad,” Arthur Haggard said. “She didn’t like where she was living, she didn’t like some of the people who were hanging around where she lived.”

A family friend echoed that point, telling NBC News that Jamie “was going through a hard time in her life” and had broken up with her fiancé. The friend, who asked to be anonymous, had allowed Jamie to move in with her.

By March 2016, Jamie was able to rent a home of her own in Kenmore, Washington. Still, Arthur said Jamie remained sad. He recalls spending time with his daughter and other family members on June 9, 2016.

He hasn’t seen Jamie since.

Several days later, Arthur said he became worried that he had not heard from Jamie; the two would typically talk at least every other day. Jamie’s half-brother, David, who was living at Jamie’s home at the time, also said he had not seen his half-sister for days.

After Arthur called a friend of Jamie’s and learned she had not spoken with her, Arthur went to Jamie’s house on June 17. He couldn’t find her and subsequently flagged down a police officer. For reasons not yet publicly known, authorities dug up Jamie’s backyard a month later but didn’t find anything.

The following year, police posted on social media that “new information had led detectives to search” Jamie’s backyard a second time, but again nothing was found.

The case remains open and police are actively investigating it, Sgt. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office told NBC News. Jamie’s daughters, Dylan and Madison, live with their father, Jake, and his wife.

Arthur said the girls, who are now 10 years old, were initially confused about why they mother wasn’t around.

“They thought [their father] was trying to keep them away from their mom,” Arthur said.

Jake’s wife has adopted the girls, and Arthur says he is glad the children have loving parents raising them. Jamie’s life was just starting to improve when she went missing, her friend said.

“It kills me to know she was figuring things out and had everything going for her, and somebody took that away from her,” she said.

The friend added: “It’s really hard some days. These two beautiful girls who are growing up without their mom.”

Arthur is not giving up the search for his daughter. He posts information about her on social media, and he wants her to know that he is always trying to find her.

“I think about Jamie all the time, and I dream that she’s coming home,” Arthur said. “Everywhere you go, you think you see someone who looks like her, sounds like her, laughs like her. It’s really hard to miss somebody that you raised from day one, just have her yanked away from you.”

Jamie, who would be 29 years old this year, is around 5’6” tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has dark brown eyes and her hair also is brown. To report information about the case, call the King County Sheriff’s Office 206-296-3311.

[Feature Photo: Jamie Haggard/King County Sheriff’s Office]