Asia Argento asked paparazzi photog to delete pics of her dancing with French reporter, claims photographer

The paparazzi photographer who took photos of Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend looking friendly with another man regrets that the photos were published.

The New York Post reports that photographer Rino Barillari told an Italian newspaper that he wishes he never took the photos of Asia Argento and French reporter Hugo Clément, appearing to be concerned that the photos may have contributed to Bourdain’s state of mind before his apparent suicide in a luxury hotel room in France on Friday.

“If I had known, I would have stopped,” Barillari told Italian newspaper La Verità, as reported by the New York Post.

“A picture is not worth a life. If that shot triggered suicide . . . this would make me suffer.”

The photographs show Argento and Clément, who has been supportive of the actress and director as she went public with rape allegations of Harvey Weinstein, dancing together at a restaurant in Rome. Other photographs circulating on the internet, not taken by Barillari, show the pair holding hands while walking down the street. That photographer reportedly pulled the images after learning of Bourdain’s death, but they are still possible to find online.

Barillari told the newspaper that once Argento realized she had been photographed, she asked him to delete the images. It is unclear if or how he responded to the request.

“Everyone looked at them,” Barillari reportedly said of the pair.

“She looked like a possessed doll . . . a scene of crazy sensuality.”

There is no indication at this time that Bourdain took his own life because of anything to with Argento; and there is no confirmation that he saw the photos.

On Monday, Argento’s friend Rose McGowan released a lengthy statement about Bourdain and Argento on her friend’s behalf, claiming that the couple had a “free” relationship. She also indicated that Bourdain had sought help for an apparent depressive episode, but that he did not follow a treatment plan. McGowan’s claims about Bourdain’s mental health or the nature of his relationship with Argento do not appear to have been corroborated elsewhere.

Argento released a statement of her own on Friday.

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