Snapchat rage ends in murder; man leaves bloody shoe prints on girlfriend’s body

*WARNING* Graphic Images

A Texas man who beat his girlfriend within inches of her life pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges on Monday, stemming from a 2017 incident that sparked after the victim installed a popular app on her phone.

KCBD reports Dameon Marmolejo, 21, admitted he became enraged when former girlfriend, 18-year-old Solidad Torres installed Snapchat onto her phone in 2017. Judge John McClendon in the 137th District Court in Lubbock will decide Marmolejo’s fate. He faces up to 20 years in prison for the second-degree felony conviction.

According to court documents, on June 17, 2017, Marmolejo arrived to Solidad’s home off of the 5000 block of 42nd Street and immediately became enraged when he noticed alerts on her phone. The couple had apparently met each other through Snapchat, and according to Solidad, she deleted the app once the pair began dating, at Marmolejo’s insistence. Seeing the app reinstalled on her phone sent Marmolejo into a fit of rage that ended with Solidad in the hospital, fighting for her life.

Solidad told authorities that Marmolejo first slapped her in the face, then pushed her down and proceeded to beat her with his fists. When she turned over in attempt to protect her face, Marmolejo began stomping her head and back with his feet while cursing at her and accusing her of cheating.

When Solidad freed herself, she ran to the bathroom but couldn’t lock the door in time. Marmolejo knocked her down, then grabbed her head and began banging on the bathtub. Lubbock police Officer Christopher Fatigati, who later arrived at the home, stated that Solidad’s head wound was so severe it exposed her skull.

[Photo: Family Handout]
Fatigati responded to the home after a call regarding a burglary, and found Solidad sitting on the steps in front of the house, drenched in blood, according to Lubbock Online. She told the officer that two intruders attacked her when she got out of the shower, yet Fatigati found no evidence of a break-in. Other officers confirmed they also didn’t see any evidence that someone broke into the home.

Three days later, Solidad named Marmolejo as the true attacker. Federal agents arrested him two months later.

During court, prosecutors presented evidence that included Marmelejo’s shoe prints on the victim’s back, as well as numerous gruesome photos of her injuries.

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[Feature Photo: Dameon Marmolejo and Solidad Torres/Police Handout; Family Handout]